Porsche Taycan Covered with Gigantic Horns

We know that Porsche, the leader of the automobile world, has previously worked with various designers who created automotive artworks for impressive designs. The giant brand has now collaborated for a studded Porsche Taycan.

Porsche’s latest contribution to the automotive art world was a Taycan covered with 73 nails. Car; with thorns and horns And with spikes covered.

Swedish designer Fabian Bergmark NasmanThis artistic sedan electric car from the hands of Porsche Taycan Assassin was named.

Porsche Taycan covered with 73 gigantic nails

Dubbed the “Porsche Taycan Assassin”, each panel of the electric sedan is covered with spikes in the same way but in different sizes. Designed by Swedish designer Fabian Bergmark Nasman, the thorns seem to grow from the Porsche’s body, giving it an organic and natural look.

According to designer Nasman, this Taycan “how we physically react to something” represents. On the other hand, Nasman owns the car at the same time. caterpillar And larva He said it resembled insects as well.

This unique Taycan took place between May 26-28. Porsche Scopes exhibited as part of the event. The vehicle is active; stunningly shown in the middle of a pond, surrounded by grass and flowers.

On the other hand, this is not the first artistic creation of a Porsche Taycan. last year Sean Wotherspoon A Harlequin style with body panels in different colours. Porsche Taycan Gran Turismo had designed.

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