Popular US Cryptocurrency Exchange Under SEC Investigation

Popular US cryptocurrency exchange Kraken has received an investigation by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

Bloomberg February 8 According to the news it published on SEC, Kraken securities laws to ascertain whether a violation brought under investigation. The investigation, which was stated to focus on whether Kraken sold unregistered securities and violated the rules regarding the securities offering, was not disclosed to the public. hidden was also included in the information received.

Sources of the investigation advanced stage and that any of the actors way of compromise He claimed he was investigating. However, the subject of the case your tokens No information was given as to which ones.

Experts, After FTX’s recent bankruptcy, the consequences of the SEC’s actions against cryptocurrency exchanges are even more pronounced. sharp claimed it would. Kraken’s agreement with the SEC other companies as well to come under the regulations of the institution can force specified.

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