Popular Presenter Said Ignore Bitcoin Rise, Buy Gold!

The popular US host, Jim Cramer, who broke the rating records, suggested that investors who want to be protected from inflation should ignore Bitcoin (BTC) and invest in gold.

On the January 23 episode of CNBC, Jim Cramer cited the analysis of Bitcoin by Carley Garner, senior analyst at brokerage firm DeCarley Trading. not squinting and that those who want to protect against inflation under to invest to continue said it should.

Popular presenter, Garner’s Nasdaq and of bitcoin high with each other correlation pointing to his analysis that Bitcoin is moving store of value stressed that it could not. Cramer, Nasdaq and Bitcoin presence of risk a company claiming that Google and Facebook how absurd it is for him to pay with his shares with bitcoin also the payment he is so silly said it would.

Cramer also claimed that the Nasdaq and Bitcoin correlation is based on “counterparty risk.”

Of course, you can keep Bitcoin in a decentralized wallet. But if you want to use it, the risk arises again. This can be devastating. Gold, on the other hand, is the opposite.

on the other hand “Golden Bug” Similarly to Cramer, the famous economist Peter Schiff, nicknamed of bitcoin It is not a store of value, but it also fails as a risk asset because it didn’t promise had suggested.

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