Popular Analyst Warns Against Bitcoin for Popular Altcoin: It Will Fall by Half!

Popular cryptocurrency analyst Benjamin Cowen attracted attention by sharing his 55% drop expectation for Cardano (ADA) against Bitcoin.

Analyst Benjamin Cowen A social media post dated September 21 in sharing, ADA will upset investors made a prediction. In the analysis he shared ADA/BTC trading pair analyst speaking over a 55% decrease he pointed out.

During the ADA summer months 800-1,200 sells The experienced name reminds that he is watching between 400 sat It showed the level of support in the region. ADA is in question 400 sat level finally 2020 of the year in their heads He had tested it. At the time of the support test in question ISLANDAverage price of against the dollar $0.043 was at the level.

Analyst post says bearish movement It may happen in the coming months He made the following noteworthy statements:

After spending the last summer months in the 800-1200 sat range, ADA/BTC seems to drop to 400 sat levels in the coming months.

Although the analyst has bearish expectations for ADA, these expectations Via Bitcoin (BTC) parity It should not be ignored that it is calculated. of the ADA against the dollar current price $0.244 In the scenario where it remains constant in the band but Bitcoin gains an upward momentum. ADA/BTC parity will be the loser.

According to CoinGecko data, within 24 hours 1.3% value loser ADA, at the time of writing from $0.244 finds buyers. ADA vs Bitcoin 920 sales It is located in the region.

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