Popular Analyst: This Low Value Altcoin Prepares For A Major Rally!

Inmortal The analyst and crypto analyst, known by the alias, stated that after the sudden price pull in BTC, he expects the price of an altcoin to ‘rally’ before weighing on the fate of Bitcoin.

Sharing his analysis with his followers on his Telegram channel, Inmortal stated that the native token ATOM chart of the interoperable blockchain network Cosmos looks pretty good.

“ATOM/USD, I love this chart right now. After testing the daily demand and the associated swing point, I think a clean divergence will occur. The low range has already been tested, the next high range is around $48.”

“ATOM is (currently) undervalued.”

While the analyst was sharing this data, it increased by more than 20% and traded around $ 32.20. ATOMIt is currently trading at $29.54, down over 10%. ATOM, which peaked at $ 44.73 in September, seems to be quite far from that level.

Inmortal is next, which recently dropped from a new high above $69,000 to just under $56,000. bitcoinHe’s looking at The analyst spoke quite clearly about the Bitcoin forecast.

“Be/Do or die!”

A possible trader BTC He stated that the $61,000 level is very important for the rally.

Bitcoin is currently trading around $56,800.

Inmoral, crypto analytics pioneer altcoin Ethereum finished with. The trader stated that he is on the verge of surpassing Bitcoin in terms of market cap, colloquially referred to as ‘flip-over’ (the analyst highlights the potential return investors can generate from their investments).

Ethereum is currently trading at $4213.

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