Popular Analyst Expects These 10 Altcoins to Experience Parabolic Gains!

Popular trader Ben Armstrong has unveiled 10 altcoins that will help maximize gains as the market prepares to enter the most parabolic phase of its current bull run.

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First on the list is the token of a fast-rising decentralized derivatives exchange. dYdX (DYDX) is located. Focusing on building more advanced trading tools on the Ethereum blockchain, dYdX has been around for a while, but the momentum on the project started after Ethereum set up a fast and low-fee exchange at layer 2 and gifted some traders tokens, according to Trader.

“The dYdX token has been moving like crazy since its launch earlier this year. [Altcoin] remained relatively stable even in the face of recent market volatility.”


Next on Armstrong’s list of altcoins he thinks has the most potential is FTX (FTT), one of the fastest growing centralized exchanges. FTX also plans to launch an NFT platform to bring more users soon.

Having hit an all-time high around $80 last month, the FTT token is now consolidating just above the $56 level after a brutal correction.

Chiliz (CHZ)

Third on Trader’s list is a popular community token that connects sports fans with their favorite teams. Chiliz (CHZ) exists. Chiliz peaked at $0.80 earlier this year, but the altcoin is currently down and trading around $0.30:

“The hype around this token has subsided a bit, but the team is strong and they are carving out a great niche for themselves in a variety of sports leagues.” In my last interview with Raoul Pal; He states that Raoul believes community tokens will exhibit the most parabolic gains in the coming years. also There are benefits.”

Dash (DASH)

Next on the list is Dash (DASH). As Trader emphasized; Once, in the early days of crypto, one of the most popular privacy coins, Dash has found a place for itself in the developing world where it is used as an alternative currency.

“Dash is particularly popular in Venezuela, where many citizens are interested in crypto due to its collapsing fiat currency.”

DASH was trading above $1,000, however, it is currently worth around $200. Armstrong believes Dash has the feet and foundations to stand in the crypto space for a while longer and has the potential to make big leaps in this cycle that leveraged traders will enjoy.

vomiting (KSM)

Another altcoin that Trader thinks will make it to the Moon is Kusama (KSM). The anticipation of parachain auctions taking place in the ecosystem and making the headlines recently is causing an increase in both Polkadot and Kusama prices.

Terra (Luna)

Terra (LUNA), sixth on the list, has had an incredible year with its value up over 11,000 percent for this year alone. Through the popular CHAI app and other sources, the trader revealed that Terra has more than 2 million users, most of whom live in South Korea, where the network and Squid Game are very popular.

“Although Terra’s big rally is over, LUNA will see some upside momentum again as altcoins start hitting all-time highs.”

Near Protocol (NEAR)

As we come to the end of the trader’s list of altcoins with bullish potential, we come across the Near Protocol (NEAR). NEAR is a Proof-of-Stake smart contract platform that hopes to drive mainstream adoption by being as user-friendly as possible for startups. The crypto strategist points out that NEAR has increased by over 500 percent over the year and is rapidly gaining ground in the smart contract race.

Comos (ATOM)

Described by its developers as the “internet of blockchains” Cosmos (ATOM)is an interoperability network that allows different blockchains to connect, share data, and transact with each other. Cosmos (ATOM) is building a blockchain network by providing critical infrastructure to the industry through the Tendermint protocol.

“Many of the industry’s leading products, including Loom, RUNE THORChain, Mirror Protocol, and Binance Smart Chain, are built with Cosmos using Tendermint.”

According to Armstrong, the price of Cosmos started to rise sharply earlier this week and has risen nearly 500% to date.

OMG Network (OMG)

OMG Network is a Layer-2 scaling solution that increases Ethereum’s transaction throughput. The OMG Network creates a value transfer layer on top of Ethereum that aggregates Ethereum transactions and validates them via a speed-optimized subchain before sending them back to the Ethereum blockchain for approval.

OMG Network can process thousands of transactions per second, reducing the costs of running on Ethereum by a third. OMG Network’s native token, OMG, can be used to pay transaction fees and stake when the platform launches the PoS protocol.

According to the analyst, OMG has increased by over 300% over the year, but still has not reached all-time highs in the last cycle. This, altcoinThat means it has a lot of explosion potential behind.

Bybit (BIT)

Bybit is a company established in March 2018 with a wide range of advanced trading tools. cryptocurrency unit is the derivatives exchange. List the native token of the platform Bybit (BIT) The trader claims that this token is based on an exchange as strong as Bybit, which makes it a solid base token with lasting power and will bring high returns in the current phases of this cycle.

However, even if you believe some of these cryptocurrencies are worth watching and trading, you should follow the relevant crypto news and do your own technical and fundamental analysis before deciding to include it in your investment portfolio. Only you know your risk tolerance, financial goals and risk appetite, so you should do your own research and make your own decisions.

Disclaimer: What is written here is not investment advice. Cryptocurrency investments are high-risk investments. Every investment decision is under the individual’s own responsibility. Finally, Koinfinans and the author of this content cannot be held responsible for personal investment decisions.

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