Popular Analyst Announces Altcoins He Sees Great Potential!

The popular Youtube channel “Altcoin Daily”, which has 1.12 million followers, shared the altcoins that he thinks will show good rises in the future.


CRO, the native token of the Crypto.com exchange, was in the top spot of the analyst. The analyst, who thinks that the stock market’s purchase of the naming rights of Stapkes Center, which is the most owned by the LA Lakers, in a deal for 700 million dollars, will reflect positively on the price, stated that there is a rise expectation in the CRO.

The analyst also stated that it is quite crazy for Crypto.com to enter a campaign of close to $1 billion, including partnerships with the LA Lakers and LA Kings.


Second on Altcoin Daily’s list is the decentralized exchange protocol Injective Protocol (INJ).

“INJ launched its mainnet. They have launched a $120 million program to provide liquidity and stimulate trade.” said the analyst, expressing that he is optimistic about INJ’s future.


Talking about SandBox, which has been very popular lately, the analyst said:

“The major update, Sandbox Metaverse Alpha, will be released on November 29 after four years of development. The sandbox virtual game world allows users to monetize their time in the metadata through a win-win model. Players can purchase land and create non-replaceable tokens (NFTs) in-game, and earn Sandbox tokens (SAND) by completing various missions.

They’re launching Alpha, then Beta soon, followed by full-fledged launch. This is four years of development. This is a really big event.”


BNB is at the 4th position of the analyst’s list. Pointing out that the Binance Smart Chain network is growing rapidly in terms of daily transaction amount, the analyst stated that this cannot be ignored.


5th is Chainlink (LINK).

You can watch the video below to listen to the analyst’s comments on the market and altcoins from a wider perspective.

*Not Investment Advice.

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