Popular Altcoin Announces New Airdrop! Here are the Details!

Popular Ethereum’s layer-2 protocol (L2) Optimism (OP) announced that it has completed its third distribution by announcing a new airdrop.

Optimism shared details about its third airdrop event for community members. In the official statement made by the team, in total To 31,870 addresses approximately $26 million worth 19.4 million OP It was declared distributed. Airdrop process Monday, September 18 day and the entire distribution process was completed on the same day.

In the statement, the average of users who meet the airdrop criteria and are eligible accordingly 870 dollars While it is stated that the amount of OP per user is in terms of adherence to criteria It was emphasized that the change

The team’s third airdrop distribution January 20 – July 20, 2023 via OP between voted on community proposals And By delegating OP assets He stated that it was made to users who contributed to the security and flow of the network.

The airdrop criterion is the minimum level delegated OP amount multiplied by the number of days. 18 thousand units was determined as . Between specified dates 100 days at least throughout 180 OP delegated by Users were entitled to airdrop. On the other hand, within the specified date range Voted on at least 1 community proposal reward rate of people double multiplier It was calculated on . According to the statement, for a fair distribution, one user can use maximum It will take 10 thousand OP restrictions were imposed.

For this third airdrop, there is no “claim” to the account of deserving users while the page does not exist. automatically The sending process has been completed.

Optimism recently made an announcement about the airdrop that started last year. Users who are eligible but do not request He announced that millions of OPs were sent to his account.

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