Pope does not accept resignation: Archbishop Stefan Heße remains in office | Regional

Hamburg – A bang from Rome!

Pope Francis did not accept the resignation of Hamburg’s Archbishop Stefan Heße (56) and asked him to continue “his mission as Archbishop of Hamburg in the spirit of reconciliation and service to God”.

A letter from Rome states: “After carefully examining the documents received, the Holy See found deficiencies in the organization and functioning of the Archbishop’s General Vicariate as well as personal procedural errors for the period in question. Hesses noted. However, the investigation did not show that these were committed with the intention of covering up cases of sexual abuse. “

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And further: “The basic problem was, in the larger context of the administration of the archdiocese, the lack of attention and sensitivity towards those affected by abuse.”

Heße was accused of misconduct in eleven cases of misconduct in the report on dealing with allegations of abuse during his time in Cologne as vicar general and head of personnel.

Archbishop Stefan Heße, who had offered the Pope his resignation on March 18 after the publication of the Cologne abuse report, emphasized in a written statement to the faithful in the archbishopric: Pope expressly regained responsibility as Archbishop of Hamburg. I am well aware that it will not necessarily be easy to resume my service. “