Polygon Network Overtakes Ethereum: Now Second After BNB!

The number of daily active users on the Polygon (MATIC) network, after a long hiatus, surpassed the number of users on the Ethereum (ETH) network, taking the second place after BNB Chain.

Based on data from on-chain analytics platform Token Terminal polygon the number of daily active users in the network Ethereum passed the net. January 22 In this event, which took place as of 337 thousand users while the number in the Ethereum network 290 thousand was recorded as. A similar situation has happened several times before. Especially in October 2022, the Polygon network is almost daily against Ethereum. 2 times more despite hosting the user could not maintain this superiority in the long run..

With this rise in the polygon network, Second network with the busiest daily user bar after BNB Chain reached its position. January 22-January 27 At the time of writing, in the Polygon network, which maintains its superiority among 349 thousand active users on the Ethereum network 341 thousand and on BNB Chain 803 thousand users is located. Solana network by number of daily users With 155 thousand active users appears in the fourth place.

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