Polygon Launches Mainnet for zkEVM Solution

Ethereum layer-2 solution platform polygonhas set another important milestone for the project. According to the official statement made today, the tests continued from October. zkEVM launched the mainnet tool (zero-knowledge Ethereum virtual machine).

Polygon thus became one of the first blockchain actors to start running the zkEVM tool on the mainnet. Speaking to the crypto press after the launch announcement, Polygon co-founder Mihailo Bjelic said the following about zkEVM technology:

“We can consider zero-knowledge Ethereum as the “holy grail” of blockchain scaling technology. The new tool is groundbreaking by offering three features at once. Polygon’s zkEVM tool; will provide security, scalability and EVM compatibility at the same time.”

Competition between Ethereum layer-2 solutions is getting hotter. Another blockchain startup, zkSync, had the mainnet launch of its own scaling solution a few days before Polygon.

What is zkEVM? What Does It Do?

Zero-knowledge Ethereum Virtual Machine technology enables batches to be executed on the ETH network by performing zero-knowledge proofs. This technology, which divides operations into small parts, offers an important solution to the problem of scaling.

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