Poll: What Is The Attitude Of Financial Advisors To Crypto?

The vast majority of experts advising investors have not changed their stance after the bad events in crypto last year.

crypto investment firm Bitwise Investments The survey conducted periodically with financial advisors reveals the situation. 491 separate brokers, institutional investors and financial advisors participated in the survey.

While 16% of the experts surveyed in 2021 included crypto in their portfolio, this rate was recorded as 15% at the end of 2022.

in your portfolio cryptocurrency 80% of the consultants in the field aim to increase their investments in this field. In addition, there is no change in the attitude of those who prefer to stay away from crypto.

Asked by financial advisors close to cryptocurrencies “How will you position yourself on crypto in 2023?” A balanced answer came to the question.

While 22% of the advisors plan to increase their current investment share, more than half prefer to keep their position. The rate of those who plan to move away from cryptocurrencies is 22% in total.

“Big Opportunity For Mutual Funds Crypto!”

Speaking after the survey results were released, Bitwise Chief Investment Officer Matt Hougan said:

“Funds managed by financial advisors are a huge opportunity for cryptocurrencies. With the more and more experts embracing crypto, the increase in money flowing into the industry is inevitable.”

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