Police Take Action for ‘Call to Take to the Streets’

The General Directorate of Security announced that action was initiated against 271 accounts that were found to be calling for the public to take to the streets on social media. Account holders are accused of inciting the public to hatred and enmity.

November 23, 2021 became a day in the history of the Republic of Turkey. Because the dollar is only in hours around 2 TL evaluated. While no one could understand what was happening, the e-commerce industry, technology retailers and the fuel industry also took their part in this situation. Apple in Turkey when stopping sales on some e-commerce platforms experiencing similar situations alleged. In summary, no one wanted to sell products in this uncertainty environment. Today, sector resources say that there will be a hike in fuel oil. they announced. This is the case in some parts of Turkey. protest your shows led to regulation.

In the demonstrations held in some cities, especially in Istanbul, Izmir and Ankara, immortality didn’t happen. However, the posts, especially on social media, were followed by law enforcement. In a written statement from the General Directorate of Security (EGM), the people who called the people to the streets regarding the events that took place last night. 271 social media accounts It was stated that action was taken to It was stated that action will be taken against account holders for the crime of inciting the public to hatred and enmity.

EGM’s statement on the subject is as follows:

“By the Department of Combating Cyber ​​Crime and its affiliated provincial units, within the framework of the authority and responsibility given by the laws, in order to fight crime and criminals, on a 24/7 basis, on the internet. virtual patrol activities is being carried out.

Within the scope of the virtual patrol activities carried out, the fluctuations in the exchange rates manipulate byabout the people identified through a study on 271 accounts that are considered to have shared manipulative and disinformation content, as well as content that incites the public to hatred and enmity, and calls the people to the streets to use force and violence. Necessary legal action has been taken.

As the Turkish Police Organization, our fight against crime and criminals in the virtual environment as in every field. with determination continues.

It is announced to the public with respect.”

Source :
https://www.ntv.com.tr/amp/turkiye/halki-sokaga-cagiran-271-social-medya-hesabi-icin-islem-baslatildi,_QitnevXR02ZhQ7-mOJvUA#utm_campaign=halki-sokaga-cagiran-271- -operation-started-for-social-media-account&utm_medium=web_push&utm_source=insider&webPushId=N

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