Police accuse Amazon executives of ‘smuggling’!

In India, the police accused Amazon India executives of being involved in a drug trafficking case he was running. The two suspects, who were made red-handed and arrested, are trying to sell the substance in their hands to other parts of the country. Amazon’s website were found to be used.

According to the BBC’s report, Madhya Pradesh state police said the incident took place last week. 20 kg arrested two suspects they caught with drugs. As a result of their investigations, the police found that criminals used the drug as a natural sweetener. stevia leaf learned that they were marketing it under the guise of

Radical decision from Amazon, which cannot agree with Visa!

Amazon, which has a dispute with the financial service provider Visa, announced its new decision that will be valid in the UK.

Confronting the police, Amazon denied the allegations

The state police said in a statement that the executives of Amazon India are due to discrepancies in the disclosures and the findings found in the documents provided by the company in response to the police’s questions. Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act He said he was charged under. It was not shared how many officials were included in the accusation.

The police are about to find out about the arrested criminals via the Amazon India website. $148,000 (roughly 1,649,748.60 Turkish Lira) worth 1.000 kg He shared the information that he may have sold the item. While taking the statements of company executives regarding the case, Amazon stated in a statement that they do not allow illegal products to be listed and sold on the site.

Reminding its policy prohibiting the sale of illegal products, Amazon emphasized that it has strict sanctions against sellers found to violate the rules. Stating that they continue their investigations regarding the accusation, the company stated that it will cooperate with the police. “We do not allow listing and sale of products that are prohibited by law in India” said.

Competition investigation opened against Amazon

This isn’t the first time Amazon has been in trouble with the Indian authorities. In August, the Competition Commission of India opened an investigation against Amazon, along with Flipkart, one of the country’s largest e-commerce companies. The duo, who objected to the investigation carried out on the grounds that certain sellers were privileged on both platforms, took the decision to the high court.

The Supreme Court rejected Amazon and Flipkart’s appeal. Judge NV Ramana said that both companies should tolerate such investigations. “We expect large organizations to volunteer for investigation and transparency. But you don’t even want (one) investigation” made the statement.

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