PlayStation’s Vengeful Emergence Story

Did you know that a crisis between Sony and Nintendo led to a great revolution in the gaming world? We are here with the vengeful interesting story of the first PlayStation that broke sales records.

When Sony launched the PlayStation in 1994, no one but one person thought it would literally move the game industry. the cards will be redistributed he did not guess.

That person is the main hero of our story, today ‘Father of PlayStation’ Ken Kutaragi, known as Ken is a name that has accomplished great things with his stubbornness and ambition. In the 1980s, he believed that Sony could also do great things in the newly established game console world.

Ken, who wanted Sony to produce a console too, had a dream that was almost impossible at the time.

Ken Kutaragi

He wanted to make a console that could play 3D games. He knew very well that he had to work with Nintendo, one of the judges of the game world in those days.

He somehow contacted Nintendo and did what even his bosses told him not to do. Secretly to Nintendo while working at Sony sold sound processor. Even though Sony management was angry about this situation, then CEO Norio Ogha must have noticed the light in Ken and allowed the things he wanted to do.

Ken was a good boy, but he had one bad flaw. He trusted Nintendo too much.

sony nintendo

With time, things got bigger and Ken went to Nintendo with a new offer. At that time, games on consoles worked with floppy disks or cassettes. Ken is changing that, too, with a newer, larger storage space. A console that works with CDs came up with the idea of ​​producing

Nintendo Card Working Console

The idea was well received and Nintendo accepted the offer. Studies were done, prototype was prepared. So everything was ok. Even the consoleNintendo PlayStation‘ was even named. By 1991, the console would be introduced at the CES Fair.

However, this deal, which was very important for Sony, was terminated by Nintendo CEO Hiroshi Yamauchi.

Console produced by Nintendo and Philips

As well as Sony’sLet the whole world hear, we produce consoles with Nintendo‘ the day after he made a statement. The biggest reason for this situation, which has a great shock effect on Sony’s side, is Sony’s control over consoles. the right to full control was to have.

There was another dimension to this stake thrown by Nintendo. The company is at the CES Fair ‘We terminated our contract with Sony. Her archenemywe will work with another CD manufacturer Philips‘ he declared.

All these things caused Sony to hesitate about producing consoles.


But Ken Kutaragi he was very confident in his project and he still believed that the company could make consoles that offered 3D images. The company had come a long way and had a long way to go.

Ken’s speech convinced company officials and eventually got the game console project going.

Sony was working on it. But Nintendo has put another stone in the way.

The company had produced the console called ‘PlayStation’. However, due to both the naming rights and Nintendo’s contribution to the project. A lawsuit has been filed against Sony. As a result of the lawsuits, Sony and Nintendo reached an agreement in 1992.

Play Station produced in 200 units

According to this agreement, Nintendo SNES (Super Nintendo Entertainment System) can be used on PlayStations, but All license rights belong to Nintendo. would be. On top of that, Sony’s sound chips (we’re talking about what Ken sells) would be used in other consoles produced by Nintendo. After all this fanfare, it is known that Sony only produced about 200 PlayStations.

By 1993, after these problems, Ken took over the project and started to work with a new team.

First PlayStation Prototype

The console, which emerged after great work, has nothing to do with ‘PlayStation’, which Nintendo stormed. It was even named ‘PlayStation’. It neither had SNES support nor was it similar to consoles produced until that day. It was quite different and on top of that He was playing games in 3D.

On December 3, 1994, PlayStation met users and all 100,000 PlayStations produced for the launch were sold in one day. Introduced in the USA in 1995, the console was released worldwide in the same year. Over 7 million sales broke records in this field.

As the saying goes, ‘every betrayal begins with love’. If Nintendo hadn’t done these things to Sony in time; If Ken Kutaragi had not wanted to take his revenge, perhaps PlayStation would not have been one of the best consoles in the world today.


PlayStation, Produced by Sony with Nintendo, Found Buyers for 1 Million 820 Thousand Liras

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