Plaque By Steve Jobs Is On Sale For Tens Of Thousands Of Dollars

A plaque signed by Steve Jobs, one of the founders of Apple and still known as a genius today, went on sale for tens of thousands of dollars. Moreover, you can buy a car at the starting price of the auction.

Steve Jobs, one of the founders of Apple, one of the largest technology companies in the world today, is known as a genius by many today. After the death of Jobs, who passed away in 2011, almost everything he used or produced is put up for sale at auctions for astonishing sums. If you remember, in the past months, Steve Jobs produced and signed a book. Apple-1 prototypeIt was sold for $442,000.

Today, a signed plaque that Steve Jobs gave to former Apple employees went up for auction. Moreover, the starting amount determined for this plaque is quite high.

Signed plaque for 1.800.000 TL

On a plaque signed by Steve Jobs himself in 2000 to Suzanne Lindbergh, an executive who has worked at Apple for 25 years Names of people who have worked at Apple for 10 years without interruption and the signature of Steve Jobs. While it was confirmed by experts that Steve Jobs’ DNA was found on the letter inside the plaque, it was announced that the signature was real.

One of the few “hand signed” awards Steve Jobs gave to his employees, this plaque was prepared right after Jobs’ return to the company.stamp signature” system. Therefore, it is of great importance that the signature was signed by Steve Jobs himself.


The Sandals Worn by Steve Jobs, Founder of Apple, Sold at a Price That Made Him Say, “We’d Build a Factory for That Money”

The starting price of the plaque, which was put up for sale by the company named Moments in Time, which sells authentically signed products by auction, is the full price. $95,000 (1,806,000 TL). One from the US for $95,000 so you can compare Tesla Model 3 ($89,990) or one from Turkey Passat Variant 1.5 Racing Blue Let’s say that you can buy (1.717.192 TL).

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