Pictures Made by Schizophrenia Patients

The hallucinations, delusions and strange voices they see often disconnect people with schizophrenia from reality. Some patients, who want to show what kind of world they live in, invite us to their own minds by putting what they see into a picture.

One of the worst diseases that can happen to a person: schizophrenia. hearing voices that are not there, seeing imaginary friends or even creatures It causes people with schizophrenia to lose that real connection with the world and get worse over time.

People with schizophrenia, who have difficulty in distinguishing between real and unreal events, often to express themselves by painting what they see. it’s working. Although these drawings may seem frightening, they painfully reflect the abstract concepts, emptiness and helplessness of schizophrenia patients.

Kate Fenner was diagnosed with schizophrenia at the age of 17.

Kate Fenner is now in her 20s and has been battling the disease since she was 17. Kate, who was afraid of the imaginary things she saw in the early stages of the disease and therefore felt excluded from the world, states that it was good for her to draw what she saw. “I draw most of my hallucinations because drawing helps me deal with it,” says Kate. strange creatures with scary eyes, flies and big eyes He says he saw it. If you wish, let’s take a closer look at Kate’s world with her drawings.

Some of Kate’s drawings;

kate fenner

Kate Fenner

schizophrenic drawings

This is how Kate sees herself in the mirror, she said;

kate fenner

The bird that sings to Kate in her hallucinations;

kate fenner

The fly, which tells Kate that she must constantly set the house on fire;


“If I steal their beauty, maybe I will be beautiful too”

kate fenner schizophrenia drawings

Three imaginary friends of a Reddit user named ErosPram; Space, Small, Devil

personality disorder

ErosPram, who wants to share his discomfort with other people on Reddit, has accompanied him in his life since kindergarten. One of his imaginary friends called Void, Little and Devil. Talking about. Stating that the Void and the Small can only hear their voices and see the Devil, ErosPram states that the greatest difficulty is always the Devil.

According to ErosPram, Satan is constantly making negative comments to the woman and when he feels that he is not being listened to, he starts shouting to be heard. Instead of being afraid of Satan, he can use it especially in crowded areas. able to ignore ErosPram stated that Satan hated him and said that he always wanted him to go to hell. Users asked ErosPram to draw a drawing of what the devil looks like.

The resulting result:


ErosPram asked users what Satan thinks about this drawing. “He says my talent for painting is a hopeless case like myself. But I think it’s okay, he definitely looks like him” gives the answer.

Picture drawn in 1929 by Karen Blair, a schizophrenic patient:

Karen Blair

Reflection of Eric Baumann’s own mind;

eric baumann

Drawing made by a schizophrenic in a mental hospital:

schizophrenia drawing

The last picture drawn by a schizophrenic patient without committing suicide:

schizophrenic drawing

The creature seen by a schizophrenic patient who is constantly hallucinating:


Two headed creatures drawn by Johfra Draak:

johfra draak

“Dante’s Inferno”, also interpreted by Draak with his own confused mind

johfra draak

Painter Bryan Charnley, who couldn’t stand his delusions in 1991 and committed suicide

Bryan Charnley

Charnley, who started having nervous breakdowns at the age of 18 in 1968 and started to have hallucinations and delusions over time, managed to win the Central School of Art and Design despite all these difficulties.

Charnleys’ life was quite challenging, his nervous breakdowns at school and his hallucinations prompted the young man to start drug therapy, and Charnley died because the medication was not enough. Electroshock therapy for 6 years had to see. Charnley, who could not stand the pain he experienced when he was 41 years old, but managed to produce impressive works during this time, committed suicide after painting his last portrait. Charnley was left with drawings showing how hard he was going through.

Pictures drawn by Charnley:


bryan charnley

Charnley’s self-portrait:

charnley portrait


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