Philips to lay off 6,000 more employees

Electronics giant Philips has announced that it will lay off 6,000 jobs. The company took such a decision to reduce costs. Philips parted ways with 4,000 people at the end of last year.

One of the world’s largest electronic product manufacturers philips There has been an important development. In a statement made by the company, it 6,000 people will be laid off expressed. Philips parted ways with more than 4,000 employees last year.

With the statements made today, let us state that Philips has parted ways with a total of 10 thousand employees. This figure represents the company’s total workforce. equates to 13 percent which is not a level to be underestimated. With all this, the 6,000 people who were decided to be removed as many as 1,100 It was also stated that it consisted of employees in the cities of Amsterdam and Eindhoven.

The reason for the dismissal decision at Philips is slightly different

The 2022-2023 period has been a period of mass layoffs among tech giants. In this context, Netflix, Microsoft, Alphabet (Google), Amazon and Meta (Facebook) have all done mass layoffs. These decisions had a common reason. Lowering costs. As a matter of fact, the reason for the collective dismissal decision taken by Philips is also reduce costs. But let’s just say that the company is experiencing slightly different problems.


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Philips has gone through a painful process in recent years. The company recalled the Continuous Positive Airway Device (CPAP), which is used for sleep apnea, and its ventilator for poisoning. This callback 3-4 million products covered. The company, which has not been able to recover easily since that day, will continue to operate by the end of 2022. 1.7 billion euro net loss explained. And yet, it seems like Philips has no choice but to mass layoffs…

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