Phemex TR Distributes 100 Thousand Dollars!

The reaction of the cryptocurrency markets to the approval of Bitcoin ETFs (Exchange Traded Fund) by the US Securities and Exchange Commission has been very quick and positive.

So much so that after the confirmation news, Bitcoin broke the all-time record (ATH) by seeing $ 66,900.

Cryptocurrency markets are developing very fast. This trend offers valuable opportunities to cryptocurrency investors. While Bitcoin has the largest share in the market with 45%, around 13 thousand cryptocurrencies share the remaining slice among them. Among them are coins that offer good investment opportunities, as well as those that do not provide returns, called shitcoins.

There are also projects lately! Investors who discover and invest in promising cryptocurrencies can make high profits in a short time. AXS, SOL, LUNA are just a few examples. For example, LUNA has increased by approximately 14,000% in the last 1 year. While it was trading at $0.300 a year ago, it is currently selling for $43.50.

Source: Coinmarketcap

There are many exchanges available to trade cryptocurrencies. One of them is Phemex TR. The company, which was founded by 8 former Morgan Stanley executives and whose core team includes people who worked in big technology companies such as Alibaba and Tiktok, established the Phemex TR platform for users to trade in Turkish Lira in the Turkish market after the Turkish page on its global website.

The exchange distributes a total of $100,000 worth of rewards to users who open an account on the new platform. Here are the things to do to get a share of the prize that will be distributed as USDT:

  • Open an account at Phemex TR
  • do KYC
  • Fund your account: One of 2,000 TL, 0.004 BTC, 250 USD, 0.06 ETH
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