Peter Schiff Targets Bitcoin (BTC) Again!

bitcoin and the famous investor who loudly voiced his negative criticism of all other cryptocurrencies. Peter Schiffin his last post, said that investors should sell their BTC as soon as possible.

Pointing to the situation of some companies operating in the crypto sector in recent months, Schiff expects a big wave of bankruptcy in the near future. According to the famous investor, when companies start to sink one after the other, for Bitcoin “winter” not “ice age” will happen.

“If cryptocurrencies are really coming, why is Silvergate, the leading bank in the industry, in this situation? When the wave of bankruptcies of blockchain-connected companies begins, cryptocurrencies will officially freeze. Sell ​​your Bitcoins and buy gold immediately.”

Spencer Schiff Disagrees With His Father

Spencer Schiff, the 20-year-old son of the famous investor, does not feel the same as his father.

Spencer, who put forward his own ideas as a comment on Peter Schiff’s Twitter post, gave the following answer to his father:

“Crypto and blockchain companies may go bankrupt, but this will not cause Bitcoin to go bankrupt. Because Bitcoin is the ship itself.”

Crypto-hater Schiff once again prompted investors to sell BTC at the beginning of the year (when Bitcoin was at $18,000). However, the cryptocurrency rose as high as $25,200 within weeks.

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