“Personnel at the limit”: aid organizations sound the corona alarm in BILD! | Regional

Munich – Overloaded emergency services, necessary operations canceled or postponed, rising incidences, new highs every day. Bavarian aid organizations sound the alarm in BILD!

Theo Zellner (72), President of the Bavarian Red Cross (BRK), on BILD: “The staff are physically and mentally at their limit, deeply frustrated and also angry that the almost two-year and exhausting mission still cannot be completed due to a lack of vaccination readiness! “

According to BILD information, the transport of infections in the rescue service has increased almost fourfold in the last four months. “I lack the solidarity of the unvaccinated towards our rescue and care workers. It is no longer a private matter not to be vaccinated, ”says Zellner.

Rather, vaccination is a necessary act to maintain the health system. “The freedom of the individual not to be vaccinated stops where the health of the other person is at risk,” says Zellner.

Although an all-time high in the transport of infections was reached in December 2020, it was comparatively easier to cope with them. The current overload of intensive care units and emergency rooms, which are largely occupied by unvaccinated patients, makes the situation much more dramatic today.

Transports lasting for hours

Seriously ill or injured emergency patients sometimes have to be transported to hospitals far away for hours.

The total number of assignments is also increasing: for example, the number of assignments in the 43rd calendar week in Swabia has risen by 15% and in Upper Bavaria-East by 18% compared to the other average.

“Absences due to illness and quarantine among employees in the rescue service and the again very high psychological stress, long transport times and generally higher protective measures represent an extraordinary burden on the rescue service,” says BRK President Theo Zellner. “The most difficult phase of the pandemic is ahead of us in the coming weeks.”

“It has been proven that the only protection and the only way out of the pandemic is with coronavirus vaccination. In view of the dramatic situation, the momentum is now for everyone who is undecided to take the path to vaccination, ”appeals Stephanie Freifrau von Freyberg, state representative of the Malteser Aid Service in Bavaria.

“Another important building block for combating the pandemic, in addition to vaccination, is wearing FFP2 masks, keeping your distance and observing hygiene rules, as well as the opportunity to test yourself regularly,” says Jürgen Wanat from Johanniter-Unfall-Hilfe ( JUH).

“Vaccination rate absolutely disappointing”

“We therefore welcome the fact that tests can again be performed free of charge. And also take advantage of the booster vaccination option. Because we cannot afford to be careless now. “

Chart: Dramatic Decline in First Vaccination - Infographic

“The vaccination rate in Bavaria is absolutely disappointing,” says Norbert Tessmer, deputy state chairman of ASB Bavaria. “To this day, it does not seem anywhere near to convince enough people of the importance of corona vaccination for society as a whole. It is still up to everyone to act responsibly, towards themselves and towards the general public. “

“The ASB, the BRK, the JUH and the MHD are important partners in dealing with the coronavirus pandemic. The organizations are following the tense situation in nursing and rescue services with concern, ”says BRK spokesman Sohrab Taheri-Sohi to BILD.

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