Permission to Withdraw Half of the Funds with Bitcoin from the Russian Cryptocurrency Exchange

Russian cryptocurrency exchange Bitzlato, which has been sanctioned by the US, reported that 50% of user assets can be withdrawn in Bitcoin (BTC).

Bitzlato said on his official telegram channel on March 20, USA And Europol on the platform due to the sanctions imposed by stranded remaining user assets. 50% of as bitcoin towable announced that it was

In the statement, users can transfer their assets from their Bitzlato web account to an external wallet or exchange. telegram bot through that they can carry specified. All assets of the stock market after sanctions to bitcoin assets due to You can withdraw in Bitcoin underlined.

Some users have ByBit And Binance He said they can move it to stock markets such as Moreover Trust Wallet And ViaBtc such as software wallets and ledger It has been verified by users that hardware wallets such as hardware wallets are also available.

On the other hand, the remaining assets 50% of for legal Stating that the process continues, Bitzlato said that a positive result not coming out planned to be activated in April 2023 P2P derived from the transactions income with user assets will be compensated reported.

Exchange, P2P and remaining assets 50% of to be returned different processes that and incompatibility stated that it should.

US Department of the Treasury, January 18 He stated that Bitzlato was used for money laundering originating from darknet. web site had closed.

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