Performances by Outlier Artist Marina Abramović

The contradictions of the artists are undeniable, but Marina Abramović’s performances will astonish everyone who sees them.

of Marina, her lover Ulay exhibited with “Starting from one end of the Great Wall of China, walking to each other, standing naked in a narrow doorway, Ulay holding a bow stretched towards the Marina” performances like these made their mark in the history of art.

What the artist did alone and with Ulay, even after years unforgettable even today. We have compiled interesting performances for you.

Performance art is the artist’s leaving a mark on the space with his body.

Performance, one of the art forms, space and time It is an experience that brings together the participants through

Theater, cinema, literature, painting, sculpture, film, video, sound, digital media etc. performance including arts; body, space and time moving or immobile navigates.

Abramović’s unforgettable performance: Rhythm-0


In Rhytm-0, Marina Abramović’s most famous performance, the artist spent hours in a passive state would stop. There was a piece of paper on the table that said that he was an object and that they could use the 72 objects there, including the feather, flower, scissors, knife and scalpel, as they wished.

Marina Abramovic Rhythm-0

In the first 2 hours of this show, which lasted for 6 hours in total, the participants watched the artist, kissed and began to undress. After a while, they began to cut and burn themselves with cutting tools, put roses in their throats and abused them. Towards the end of the performance, one of the participants even put a gun to Marina’s head. Show when a fight breaks out with someone else’s interference it was decided to finish.

With this performance of the artist; how a person’s being passive changes the other person’s behavior, after which stage he will start using force, the effect of reaction and non-reaction on the use of force, your animal instincts He wanted to show when he would appear. He succeeded in displaying this desire with an unforgettable performance.

Minutes spent at the tip of an arrow stretched towards the marina, which could jump out of the bow at any moment: Rest Energy

Undoubtedly, one of the unforgettable works of Marina and her performance artist lover Ulay. “Rest Energy”. A flat room, a woman, a man, an arrow pointing at her heart.

marina ulay rest energy

This impressive performance that held the audience’s breath was simply “a single word or a single gesture, arrow to your heart It was the depiction of “can stab”.

He lived for 12 days without eating, going to the toilet, talking: House with the Ocean View

In the public performance House with the Ocean View, Abramović; No eating, talking or going to the toilet in 3 rooms for 12 days he lived on.

Artist, without privacy concerns He lived his life before the eyes of the audience. Thus, the audience experienced being able to watch a person’s private life without feeling that they were “doing something wrong”. This performance was one of the best examples of confronting human impulses.

To react to the massacre, he sat in the basement for 4 days in animal carcasses: Balkan Baroque

Marina Abramovic Balkan Baroque

In this performance of Marina to curse all wars, especially the Balkan War, there is blood in a basement. on animal bones he sat down and tried to separate them from the meat for 4 days.

The basement will be fine after a while. to warm and smell started. Marina, in conditions that cannot accommodate people, completed 4 days.

Standing naked in a narrow doorway, they tested the audience: Imponderabilia

Contains nudity!

In this performance that took place in the arts center, Marina and Ulay stood still, naked and facing each other, in the doorway inside. Visitors who want to go in or out from this door had to pass.

He described the performance as “A meeting of Ulay and Marina created in each other’s lives. whether there is a threshold‘ they did.

Ulay at one end of the Great Wall of China and Marina at the other walked towards each other: The Lovers

marina ulay the lovers

For “The Lovers” performance, almost 20 km a day, for 90 days towards each other they walked. In fact, while designing this performance, they were going to get married when they met in the middle, but they tried to get bureaucracy permission for 5 years to exhibit the work, and when they got permission, they already gave up on the idea of ​​getting married.

However, they did not give up on exhibiting, but the end was very different. When they met in the middle, they would part. “Separation Reunion” They did and thus ended their relationship.

Marina and Ulay together again after 22 years: The Artist is Present

marina ulay the artist is present

Actually, The Artist is Present performance was a solo performance by Abramović. Artist; with participants sitting at a table for 8 hours each day, for a total of 750 hours, changing every 5 minutes. without contact or talking he was just staring.

In Marina’s own words, while all this was going on, she was trying to escape from the physical world and experience a brain drain. drowning in your own thoughts he had said. In fact, he often had tears in his eyes during his performance.

Surprisingly, Ulay joined the show and sat across from Marina, and everyone began to watch them with full attention. Marina broke the no-touch rule and grabbed Ulay’s hands. Artists who can’t hold back their tears while looking at each other unforgettable performances took its place among

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