People who snore in their sleep are less active during the day!

People who snore at night are much less active during the day, according to a new study. The difference between snorers and non-snorers doubles.

Continuing to reveal interesting relationships between the two situations, the scientific world has added a new one today. at Oxford Academic New research published in the journal Science showed that people who snore at night are less active during the day. The conclusion was obtained by examining three years of data.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) The study, which was conducted by examining the snoring frequency and inactivity data of individuals for the last 3 years, revealed that people who snore more at night were more inactive during the day. It was also shared which type of individuals snoring is most common.

The inactivity of snorers more than doubles during the day:

According to the data in the study, people who say they never snore 36 minutes he was motionless. However, this period increased more in those who snore at night. So much so that the inactivity status during the day in people who are observed to snore at night up to 44 minutes, that is, it was more than doubled. The head of the research, Dr. Michael Grandner shared the following comments about the results:

“Sleep-related breathing problems such as snoring and sleep apnea are very common in the population. But these problems don’t just affect the night. They can lead to more fatigue and less energy, which can affect everything from mood to stress to activity level as we see it. This may be why snoring alone can affect health and well-being.”


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