Pentagon Targets Crypto: Will Examine the Threats It poses to National Security

The US Department of Defense (Pentagon) has started a study to evaluate the threats posed by the cryptocurrency ecosystem to national security.

of The Washington Post September 23 The military’s innovation office, according to its report dated 1923, has focused on the national security and law enforcement actions that the rise of digital assets may cause. assessing threats launched a comprehensive review program for

DARPA known as the Internet and played a major role in the development of Defense Advanced Research Projects Agencyfor cooperation within the scope of the project that will continue throughout the year. Inca Digital agreed with. Inca Digital, within the scope of the project, regarding the inner workings of crypto money markets. detailed view It will work on the vehicles that give it.

Project Director Mark Floodstated that the goal of the program includes mapping the digital asset universe in detail. In addition, the director is the forward-looking financial sector part of modern warfare For this reason, the United States and its allies believe that strengthen the financial sectors and stated that anything to be done to protect it is beneficial.

Inca Digital CEO Adam Zarazinski said that the project to be comprehensive said it would be. Zarazinski government, From helping people understand how money enters and leaves the blockchain, to teaching them to distinguish between bot-driven trading moves and real activities. announced that it will continue in a wide range. Talking about the fact that there is a lot of concern in the industry about crypto fraud, the CEO is often behind big plans. transnational criminal networks or hostile countries stated his support.

The project is not DARPA’s first work on blockchain technology. In June, the agency published a report on the vulnerabilities of blockchains. In addition, DARPA is the aim of this new project. that it does not monitor the behavior of individual users underlined.

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