Pensioner Klaus overjoyed: Thank you, BILD! My Niebla is back | Regional

Marble peat – Klaus Siegesmund (82) looked for her for eleven days from morning to evening – now his “Niebla” (9) is back!

The pensioner had brought the Dalmatian-Pointer mixed breed dog after the cancer death of his dog “Raisa”. But after two days the terrible animal broke loose at Harburg City Park.

Klaus searches for his “Niebla” with posters

Photo: Martin Brinckmann

After a call in BILD and with the help of several clubs, now the redemptive call: “Niebla” was spotted completely exhausted next to the railway tracks in Meckelfeld (Lower Saxony)!


Teaser picture

Klaus completely desperate in front of the empty dog ​​basket

Photo: Martin Brinckmann

After receiving veterinary care, the bitch is now back at his home: “Her left hind leg is injured, she is emaciated and is being given infusions.”

Then he beams: “You can tell how happy she is to be home again at last!”

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