PayPal buys popular social media platform

Despite being banned in our country, digital payment company that maintains its popularity all over the world PayPalincreases the number of companies in it. The company, which enables shopping online with or without a card, and sending and receiving money via e-mail, wants to increase its income by purchasing the popular social media application.

According to the data announced in 2020, annual 21.45 billion dollars revenue-generating PayPal, primarily Venmo, xoom, Zettle and Honey It has a large number of companies from independent sectors. The information that emerged yesterday is that the number of companies within PayPal will increase. The digital payment company rolled up its sleeves to buy the popular social media platform.

Pinterest will rival TikTok with its new feature

Pinterest aims to turn the app into a new social media platform with its new upcoming update! Here are the details…

PayPal and Pinterest sat on the table

According to the information that emerged yesterday, the popular social media platform Pinterest willing to buy PayPalheld an interview with the company. Rising with rumors Pinterest shares $62.68 reached levels. About the interview Pinterest While the front refused to comment, PayPal front did not even answer questions.

pinterest paypal

According to the information obtained 62 dollars in the band Pinterest to their shares 70 dollars offering to give PayPal, determined to take the platform. Pinterest costs PayPal if companies agree on this price 39 billion dollars it will be. This will make it the most expensive social media platform ever sold.

Before that Instagram approximately 1 billion dollars (2012) and WhatsApp for $19 billion (2014) to facebook had been sold. One of the social media platforms that are also sold slack for salesforce by 27 billion dollars (2021) was paid. However Pinterest It can be the most expensive social media platform in history by getting ahead of all this.

Monthly 454 million What do you think about Pinterest, which has active users? Are you using this platform? You can express your views in the comments…

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