Paris Hilton on Britney Spears – she shares the light of her beautiful heart – people

Loving words from an old friend.

The “Time” magazine selects the 100 most influential people of the year 2021. Also there: singer Britney Spears (39). Her long-time friend Paris Hilton (40) wrote the hymn of praise.

“When most people think of Britney Spears, they think of Britney the superstar. She is an icon. A legend. One of the most influential artists in the history of pop music, ”writes Hilton.

Then she becomes personal: “When I think of Britney Spears, I see a very lovely person. A mother. A friend. A fighter. A young woman who grew up in the gossip world of the 2000s, when the paparazzi machine was accepted, merciless and cruel. “

Paris and Britney became world famous as teenagers. The entrepreneur and the singer were THE It-Girls of the early 2000s, Paris pioneers of today’s influencers. Both have lived through glorious times, but also painful ones. And the permanent (and sometimes deliberate) presence of photographers had nothing to do with that: Paris was a student in a torture boarding school, while Britney has just freed herself from her father’s years of tutelage. Her long-time friend Paris Hilton is one of her many supporters.

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In “Time” magazine, Paris also refers to “trauma and abuse” by guardianship: “Our hearts broke when Britney talked about her pain,” she writes.

Paris concluded: “Despite the darkness that surrounds her life, Britney embodies joy and shares the light of her beautiful heart who will forever be the superstar. We stand by her and keep our fingers crossed that she turns her pain into a goal and that her unwavering spirit is stronger than ever. “

Britney Spears and Paris Hilton with musicians Sean Combs and Dallas Austin at a party in Las Vegas in 2007Photo: WireImage / Getty Images