Pantera Capital, Making a Date for Bottom in Bitcoin, Announced Its Target for Post-Halving!

After the FTX crisis Bitcoin (BTC) There were sharp drops in all cryptocurrencies, including.

Investors who were already at a loss suffered more. While some investors are losing hope for a rise, Pantera CapitalA Bitcoin prediction came from , which will delight investors.

Stating that halvig (halving) has an important place for Bitcoin price, Pantera Capital analysts said, BTC He said they believe the price could reach $149,000.

Stating that the halving in Bitcoin, which takes place every four years, will take place in April 2024, Pantera Capital BTC He thinks that the price will rise to $ 36,000 before the halving and to $ 149,000 after.

Comparing previous cycles and halving, Pantera Capital said that the typical bottom formation occurs one year and three months before the halving, with the average the market peaking 1.3 years after the halving.

According to Pantera analysts, a total of about two and a half years are needed to see the effect of the halving.

“The next BTC halving is expected to occur on April 20, 2024.

The market peaks after 1.3 years on average.

If history repeats itself, it will see Bitcoin rise to $36,000 before halving and then to $149,000.”

According to this analysis of Pantera, if history repeats itself, bitcoin The price will most likely bottom out on December 30, 2022 and a rally could begin in early 2024. Then, after the halving event, there will be a strong rally in BTC.

*Not investment advice.

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