Ozzy Osbourne Inadvertently Scams His Followers

Ozzy Osbourne’s NFT collection caused many of his followers’ crypto wallets to become empty when CryptoBatz’s Discord link changed and Ozzy Osbourne forgot to delete a tweet with an old URL.

Ozzy Osbourne this time with his music and style. with the NFT collection on the agenda. Shortly after launching its “CryptoBatz” collection, which consists of 9,666 digital bat series, it also took its place in sales points such as Billboard, Rolling Stone, NME, Hypebeast and Business Insider.

However, it wasn’t long before it was released and its tokens were minted two days ago that the project official Twitter account He was the target of a phishing scam that drained cryptocurrency from their wallets via a shared link.

Events erupted when the URL of the Discord server changed…

Like most NFT projects, CryptoBatz is dedicated to organizing its community. Discord uses. But CryptoBatz’s Discord URL discord.gg/cryptobatz Changing it to , things get messy. with old link discord.gg/cryptobatznft At his URL, the scammers installed a new Discord server and replaced the old URL with Ozzy Osbourne’s. not deleting his tweets This caused his followers to be scammed.

Tim Silman, one of the people who was scammed, said in his statement that he visited the Discord server through a link on the CryptoBatz website and that he was about to get out of his wallet. ETH of $300-400 He guesses it was taken. Many people lost much more than Silman.


When the scam link is clicked, the server 1,330 of the total number of members It was written that he had been scammed, which showed that so many people could have been scammed. inside the server The bot named Collab Land people are asked to verify their cryptocurrency holdings, and users connecting cryptocurrency wallets was being redirected to the phishing site where it was requested. No official from Collab Land made a statement on the subject.

CryptoBatz’s developers blamed Discord for the incident. old link URL don’t leave online complained that it was needed and that there was no better security/response/support team. Also, that they have no control over Discord, from the actions of the scammers. that they are not responsible stated.

Peter Day, Discord’s senior director of corporate communications, said, “Our security team is working with the server owners. in contact and investigating the case” said.

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