Oxford Starts Voting That It Could Choose It’s Word of the Year

Oxford University Press has launched its vote of the word of the year 2022. Voting includes the words Metaverse, #IStandWith and Goblin Mode.

Oxford University, which prepares the Oxford Dictionary, the most comprehensive dictionary in the world, regularly chooses the word of the year every year. The chosen word of the year 2021 is became “Vax” meaning vaccine.

This year, just like before, he chose some words out of millions of words, but this time he left the final decision to you. You can choose the word of the year 2022 by choosing one of these 3 words chosen by Oxford.

Here are the final words

When you enter the website prepared by Oxford University Press, you see 3 words that you can vote for. Those words became Metaverse, #IStandWith, and “Goblin Mode”, respectively. So what do these words mean?

Metaverse, which we all hear frequently throughout the year 2022, is a name given to the virtual world on the internet as a word meaning. Our language as a word meaning Otherworld This word refers to a virtual world where individuals can “live” on the internet.

#IStandWith is one of the hashtags we have seen on Twitter this year. This hashtag, used in the invasion of Ukraine, in Johnny Depp’s trial, and in many other events, It is used to express that the word brought to the end is supported.. (For example #IStandWithJohnnyDepp)

Perhaps the most interesting one among the words that made it to the finals this year is “Goblin Mode“It happened. Those who play video games may immediately think of goblins we see in games and movies, but the meaning of this word is actually completely different. Individuals do not accept the order “imposed” on them and they break the rules. this word they use to express that they will behave the way they wantAlthough it is not used much in our country, it is used in many social media and especially in Reddit, especially in the UK and USA.


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If you would like to vote to choose the word of the year located here You can use the link. However, the voting It will expire on December 2 And let us remind you that the winning word will be announced on December 5th.

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