Overseas shopping limit! How much money can you spend?

Turkey is ahead of Europe in online shopping. Similarly, it is among the pioneers in online banking and digital security measures. But when it comes to buying products from abroad, it changes. Because in the last period, the limit for overseas shopping was introduced. So how much money can we spend?

What is the international shopping limit for non-commercial purposes?

What is the overseas shopping limit? In the past period, when we wanted to buy products from abroad, there was a limit that we could go up to 1,500 Euros. Of course, we had to pay a tax of 18 percent if we were shopping from European Union countries, and 20 percent if we were shopping from other countries.

But as of May 1, this rule has been changed. From now on, a 30 percent tax will be applied on purchases made up to 150 Euros if you bought them outside the European Union. For orders placed within the European Union, the 18 percent agreement continues.

What should we pay attention to in our online shopping?

What should we pay attention to in our online shopping?

The Personal Data Protection Authority (KVKK) explained what we should pay attention to in online shopping in terms of the security of our personal data.

On the other hand, if we exceed 150 Euros, it has become mandatory to use the fast shipping option for purchases up to 1,500 Euros. However, for purchases below this limit, the old taxation will continue.

However, depending on the type of goods purchased during shopping, additional taxation such as Customs Duty, Additional Customs Duty, SCT and VAT may be encountered. It should also be noted that the importation of electronic, liquor, tobacco and cosmetic products is prohibited even if fast shipping is selected.

For example, a thousand dollar order ordered from the USA will be subject to 200 Euro Additional Customs Duty if it is among the products that will be subject to additional tax in the article of law. In addition, it can be brought to approximately 1,700 Euros by paying 240 Euro SCT and 259 Euro VAT.

Additionally, let me point out: You can exceed the 1.500 Euro limit if you wish. However, in this case, it will no longer be considered as an individual purchase. In other words, it will appear as an import of commercial goods. For this reason, the whole procedure will change and the taxes you will pay will increase.

Therefore, if you are not going to buy in bulk, it will be a very harmful purchase. In addition, if you buy a large number of the same product, the customs officer may conclude that it is bought for commercial purposes and put it into a taxation in this class. Because the legal right to speak belongs to the officer performing the control.

note: Some consumers who shop for more than 150 Euros state that their products are classified as commercial at the customs and they pay almost as much tax as the price of the product itself.

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