Our Life Expectancy Is At Its Lowest Since World War II

Oxford University has done a stunning study on people’s life expectancy. Research has revealed that the COVID-19 pandemic has reduced life expectancy. According to the research, this is the first time since the Second World War.

One of the most prestigious universities in the world Oxfordconducted a study covering 29 countries. Within the scope of this research, scientists who examined the general life expectancy of people reached a striking conclusion. According to the research, the coronavirus epidemic has lowered the average life expectancy of people. This decline II. World Warfrom It draws attention because it happened for the first time.

Research conducted at the Leverhulme Center for Demographic Science, Europealmost all of USAand ChileIt covered . According to the studies, life expectancy, which has been on the rise for years, has decreased significantly, especially in the USA. Accordingly, men in the United States, according to a 2019 study 2.2 years They are expected to live shorter lives. The research reveals that men are more affected by the coronavirus pandemic and their life expectancy is shortened more.

Average life expectancy of a man has dropped to 79 years

According to research, the life expectancy of a male baby born in the UK between 2015 and 2017 is, 79.2 was the year. However, the latest research reveals that the average life expectancy has decreased to 79 years. However, when we reduce this to the countries where the research was conducted, we see that the results are more striking. Life expectancy for men in 11 of the 29 countries participating in the study at least 1 year fell. This rate was for women in 8 countries.


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Statements on the subject, United Kingdom Office of National Statistics (OUNCE) It was done by. In the statements made by the institution, the life expectancy in the UK in men For the first time in 40 years underlined that you fell. This is not surprising because experts say that men with COVID-19 affect more they have stated before.

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