OSYM Updated 2022 Exam Schedule

After KPSS 2022, which was canceled after the investigations started on stealing KPSS questions, ÖSYM announced the new dates for KPSS.

As you know, the dubious KPSS 2022, which has occupied social media, traditional media and state elders for the past week, has been canceled as you know. Let’s give a brief summary for those who do not remember the event or do not know at all:

It was claimed that the questions in the trial booklet of a publishing house and KPSS 2022 were almost the same, and an investigation was started regarding KPSS 2022. As a result of the events, the KPSS 2022 session was canceled. After all this, ÖSYM, new KPSS 2022 history announced the new exam calendar, which includes

KPSS 2022 first session will be held on September 18

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