Orlan-10, the Russian UAV used in the Ukraine invasion, crashed in Turkey! -SDN

Russian-made Orlan-10 UAV, which is well known to the whole world because it was used frequently in the Ukraine war, crashed in Turkey. It was a matter of curiosity from where this unmanned aerial vehicle, located in the Kürtün district of Gümüşhane, took off and how it entered our country. Let’s examine the Orlan-10 UAV features to make an estimate.

What are the features of the Orlan-10 UAV that entered Turkey unnoticed?

The Russian-made Orlan-10 UAV appears to be an aircraft with a very long range, which does not have the capacity to carry weapons, but can observe undetected due to its relatively small size.

Russia takes this drone with it almost everywhere it takes a step, from Syria to Ukraine. When we look at the usage scenarios, it is enough to be connected to a small-scale catapult-type system, not to a runway, to take off. It can be used in any region as it opens a parachute while landing.

New feature for UAVs: The bird will not fly in the Aegean!

New feature for UAVs: The bird will not fly in the Aegean!

Defense Industry President İsmail Demir announced that after Anka, MİLSAR radar integration was carried out on Aksungur UAV.

This UAV, which has a payload (about 6kg) that can only carry the small camera system on it, uses Canon EOS 750D and 800D type SLR cameras on the optical imaging side. The known service base appears to be at an altitude of 16,000 feet (5 km). Although its average speed is 200 km / h, it can go up to 245 km / h.

But the main reason why its use is so widespread is its range. This UAV can travel 1,400 km after taking off. If we roughly describe this range in terms of geography, we can say that it can take off from Istanbul and observe an operation that took place in Ankara and make a comeback.

Orlan-10 features

It is not yet known exactly where and why it came to our country. However, according to estimates, it is thought to automatically open a parachute when it loses its connection due to a problem in signal strength and reaches the end of its range of 1,400 km.

When we look at the potential departure points, we see that there may be 5 different countries. First of all, the Ukraine region, which is currently the most active place of use, stands out. In other words, it may have departed within the borders of Russia or Ukraine. Moreover, a few hours of flight over the Black Sea may have prevented it from being noticed.

Among other possibilities, Armenia stands out. It was known that the Russian forces that entered this region after the 2nd Karabakh war used this type of UAVs. Therefore, it may have entered through our eastern border. Finally, it is thought to be Syria and Iraq. However, since there are hostile elements in this region, it is known that the TAF does not fly and keeps it under constant surveillance. So let’s just say it’s a very remote possibility.

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