Oreo Introduces Its Own Metaverse

Cream biscuit brand Oreo has announced that it has created its own metaverse world. It was stated that people can play games and win prizes in this world called OREOVERSE.

Oreo, which is remembered all over the world with its cream biscuits, announced that it will be included in the metaverse madness by taking a very interesting step. The company, which has existed for more than 100 years, announced that it would release a brand new biscuit called ‘The Most OREO OREO’. metaverse introduced the world.

Partnering with the famous businessperson and television personality Martha Stewart for their projects, OREO has entered the virtual world, which she describes as her own metaverse experience.OREOVERSE’ reported that his name was given. This move comes after Oreo announced a few weeks ago that it will be distributing Xbox-themed biscuits.

Users will be able to play in OREOVERSE and have a chance to win the grand prize of $50,000

According to the descriptions, OREOVERSE biscuit-themed multiple games will let him play. Users will also be able to win many rewards by playing the games. Among these awards Your grand prize of $50,000 Let’s add that there is Games include games like creating your own biscuits.

It is stated that it is possible to reach OREOVERSE from its own website or via Meta Horizon World. When the site is examined, it is seen that a code is needed to enter OREOVERSE. This code is said to be accessible from the site or Meta Horizon World.

After registering on the site, you can log in to OREOVERSE. From the image above, you can see what Oreo’s virtual world looks like.

Oreo sees this step as a new way to reach its customers

It is stated that the new biscuit named The Most OREO OREO will be sold in the USA for a limited time until January 30th. It is also said that users can access OREOVERSE with the QR code on the package of this biscuit.

this step reach and interact with consumers Julia Rosenbloom from the company, which sees it as a new way of life, also said, “We are very happy to enter the Metaverse. We love creating new opportunities for our fans to connect with each other.” used the phrases.

Martha Stewart stated that she is happy to collaborate with Oreo on the metaverse. Stewart will share his experiences from inside OREOVERSE on Oreo’s social media accounts next week.


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