Optimus robot description that surprised Musk!

Elon Musk, the richest person in the world, is undoubtedly one of the successful entrepreneurs of the last period. Musk, who is frequently on the agenda with his speeches and what he produces in his companies, again made an interesting discourse about a technology they are planning in the future.

Tesla, of which Elon Musk is the CEO, apparently produces in the field of electric cars. However, the company gave signals that it could expand its product range by switching from Tesla Motors to Tesla in 2017. The company works in many areas such as autonomous technology, energy world and Supercharger network. However, Musk’s company plans do not seem to stop there.

Tesla closed 2021 with astonishing snow!

Tesla shared its fourth quarter financial reports. According to the emerging information, it was observed that the company closed the year 2021 with a serious profit.

Musk: “Tesla will produce only Optimus robot in 2022”

2021 has been a huge earnings year for the company. In this process, the company, which is the largest in the automotive industry, continues its efforts for technologies beyond the age without slowing down. So much so that Tesla had his eyes fixed on the robot world before. Elon Musk introduced the robot called Optimus in August of last year. Now, with what he said about this robot, it became the agenda.

Musk said that the Optimus robot, which he said will likely have a prototype by next year, could one day outsell their cars. The company will give all its opportunities to the robot project and will not introduce a new car model in 2022. Stating that the functions of the robot, which will have artificial intelligence, will be quite a lot, Musk gave the following sentences in his speech.

We think we’ll probably have a prototype next year, and it’s of course intended to be friendly and navigate a world built for humans. We set it up in such a way that you can escape it on a mechanical and physical level. So much so that you can most likely beat him, but I hope that never happens.

The Optimus robot is designed to serve as a general purpose robot. However, its arrival as a robot with artificial intelligence raises many doubts. So much so that even Musk has previously said that artificial intelligence is the scariest thing that has ever happened to civilization. In the past months, he announced that he is not a killer robot, as a response to this discourse, and that it can be easily neutralized by a human. He said on this subject:

The robot can develop a unique personality over time. Not all robots are the same. This personality can evolve to suit its owner or whatever you want it to be. Star Wars robots were adorable, but our first goal is just to make it useful.

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