OpenSea Data Leaked: Warning to Users

OpenSea, the world’s largest NFT platform, announced in a blog post on June 29 that user emails were leaked.

OpenSeathe company’s email partner of the leaker one of’s employees that on this and with law enforcement He stated that they are working collaboratively.

Company leaked data just e-mails said that. Email your users phishing warns them to be very careful against attacks and A 5-item precautionary listI prepared:

one) Be very wary of emails from email addresses trying to impersonate OpenSea.

OpenSea is with you Only It will communicate via the ‘’ domain. Reject any email that does not originate from this domain but claims to be OpenSea.

2) Never download ‘something’ from an OpenSea email.

Real OpenSea emails never contain a download link or request.

3) Check the URL of any page linked in OpenSea emails.

small attackers with letter changes URL impersonation is a common technique. For this reason, make sure that ‘’ is spelled correctly.

4) NEVER share or verify your password

OpenSea does not ask you for your password in any way, nor does it ask you to verify it.

5) Do not confirm any requested wallet transactions directly via email.

OpenSea emails never will not contain emails containing a direct wallet transaction. Therefore, you should reject such emails.

OpenSeaby giving the support email address after the list of measures he shared for his users ( asked its users to report suspicious-looking emails and domains.

Twitter users shared the screenshots they took from the e-mails containing the list of measures that OpenSea published, and expressed their support for OpenSea and their transparent stance. their satisfaction they expressed.

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