Opel’s Hybrid Cars Will Not Be Sold in Turkey

Emre Özocak, General Manager of Opel Turkey, made evaluations about the sector. Saying that the chip crisis is over for them, Özocak stated that they will not bring their hybrid cars to Turkey.

One of the sectors most affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, became automotive. Brands, which had difficulties in reaching the chips due to disruptions in their supply chains, had to stop their production. In parallel with this, the high demands make it possible for the consumer to look for the vehicles that will arrive months later. to queue up led to

Evaluating the events in the sector to Habertürk Emre Özocak, General Manager of Opel Turkey, explained the last point reached. When we look at the statements made, on the Opel front, both your smiling faces We also witness that it is struggling with problems that need to be overcome. Let’s take a look at these explanations with all the details.

“The hybrid version of the same car is 400,000 TL more expensive than the gasoline one”

The statements made by Emre Özocak seem to open the tax system in Turkey to discussion again. Because, according to the General Manager of Opel Turkey, if the company’s hybrid models (Astra GSe and Granland GSe) come to Turkey, they will be replaced by internal combustion versions. 400 thousand TL will be more expensive. However, this is not the case for electric models. Emre Ozocak, “We foresee the electric vehicle market between 25-30 thousand in 2023. Electric Corsa and Mokka came to Turkey in 2022, we sold 84 electric vehicles until the end of December. We are currently the 10th in the electric car market, our goal is to be in the top 5. in the second half of the year electric Astra will also come to Turkey.” said.

So how is the taxation system in Turkey?

Turkish tax system

There is a serious gap between electric vehicles and hybrid motor vehicles. taxation difference exists. According to the current tax system in Turkey, the maximum SCT rate you can pay for a fully electric car is 60 percent. up to 220 percent SCT rates can be encountered, which makes it possible to understand and justify why Opel will turn to fully electric models.

The chip crisis is over for Opel

Opel overcomes chip crisis

According to Emre Özocak, Opel left behind the effects of the chip crisis but this time it is dealing with transport problems. The statement on the subject is as follows:The chip crisis is over for us. We have not experienced a shortage of raw materials in production for months. However, since the ports are full, we have difficulty in bringing our cars by ship and the vehicles produced has to wait at the factory. We are working on solutions such as bringing the vehicles by rail at additional costs.”

Opel is preparing a new D-segment car to replace the Insignia, whose production has ended!

Opel insignia

Haberturk, Tobias Gubitz, Opel Global Product Manager He also had a meeting with the company and got information about the new models. The following statements were included in the statement: “It will replace the Insignia a new D-segment car we are working on it. It will probably have a different name as well. If you’re going to see a car that follows current trends.”


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Tobias Gubitz also spoke about the company’s current models. In the statement, “Grandland in its new generation it will be a bigger vehicle, but we do not plan to offer a 7 seater version. For those who want a 7-seater SUV, our sister brand Peugeot 5008 model vbe.‘ it was said.

Opel also cares about the opinions of Turkish consumers in its new models. So why?

Opel Astra

Opel Global Product Manager Tobias Gubitz, while working on a new model, also went through Turkey. they did research told. Gubitz explained why they did such a thing:Turkey, for Opel to the Middle East market key of entry. We are the second largest brand of Stellantis in Turkey, because we are German, the consumer accepts us more comfortably and we want to continue this.”

Emre Özocak also made evaluations about Turkey. “6 percent of Opel’s total sales are made in Turkey. In terms of quantity, Turkey is Opel’s 5th largest market. In 2023, by selling 52 thousand vehicles in a total market of 800 thousand units, 6.5 percent market share We aim.” said Özocak, in Turkey in 2023 40 percent stated that they want to grow.

If you want to examine Opel’s January 2023 price list:


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