OnePlus Pad features revealed

New information has emerged about OnePlus’ first Android tablet. tablet a while ago OnePlus Pad Confirming that it will come with the name of the company, the company pointed to February 7 as the launch date. Oppo Pad 2Some leaked information of ‘s may be indicative for OnePlus Pad.

What will OnePlus Pad features be like?

OnePlus Pad launches on February 7 to be driven, but little has been officially confirmed about its features. The latest leaked specifications of the Oppo Pad 2 show what we can expect from the OnePlus Pad.

According to leaks on Weibo, Oppo Pad 2; It will come with an 11-inch LCD display with HDR10+ and Dolby Vision support, with a refresh rate of 144Hz. This high refresh rate display, combined with OnePlus’ latest teaser, suggests that the OnePlus Pad’s display could be impressive as well.

Affordable flagship: OnePlus Ace 2’s introduction date has been announced!

The introduction date of the OnePlus Ace 2 model, which has not been on the agenda for a long time with claims and leaks, has been announced.

OnePlus Pad power Snapdragon 865 will get it from the chipset. The company will use 6GB/8GB RAM in the first tablet model. The storage capacity of the device is not yet known. The Oppo Pad 2 is said to have a 9,500 mAh battery with 67W fast charging support. So the OnePlus Pad is likely to have the feature.

2,999 yuan (approx. 443 dollars) will have a price tag. We’ll find out more when the OnePlus Pad launches on February 7.

Overall, the Oppo Pad 2 leaks offer insight into what we can expect from OnePlus’ tablet. With its potentially high refresh rate display and strong technical features, the Android tablet will be a strong competitor in the market.

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