OnePlus announced its new artificial intelligence feature!

Artificial intelligence innovations continue to be announced. Artificial intelligence, which continues to be actively developed in the phone industry, has now come with a new feature by OnePlus. The newest artificial intelligence feature announced by OnePlus was photo editing called AI Eraser. The new feature, which can be used on OnePlus devices, comes with important improvements. Here are the details of OnePlus artificial intelligence feature AI Eraser…

As we can understand from the statements made, the new feature is powered by OnePlus’ advanced algorithm and AI technology and is available on some devices. Now, thanks to the OnePlus AI Eraser feature, you can remove unwanted elements from photos without using third-party apps.

While you can remove unwanted elements from photos via third-party applications on Android, thanks to the OnePlus AI Eraser feature, OnePlus users will now be able to delete them through the Gallery application.

Price-performance monster from OnePlus!  Nord CE4 features

Price-performance monster from OnePlus! Nord CE4 features

OnePlus finally introduced its price-performance monster mid-segment phone OnePlus Nord CE4 model with important features…

OnePlus’ new feature, AI Eraser, will be available for OnePlus 12, OnePlus 11, OnePlus Open, and OnePlus Nord CE 4 models this month. Thanks to the new feature, users can remove objects such as pedestrians, garbage or defects without any effort. Additionally, the artificial intelligence feature can analyze the rest of the image, fill the photo and integrate it seamlessly with the background.

OnePlus AI eraser

Speaking about the AI ​​Eraser feature, OnePlus President and CEO Kinder Liu said:

“Empowering users with advanced, practical technology is our passion at OnePlus. We believe in the tremendous potential of generative AI that can revolutionize productivity and creativity on mobile devices. AI Eraser, OnePlus’ first feature to use generative AI, is the first step in our journey to unlock user creativity through AI by transforming the photo editing landscape. It allows users to create outstanding photos effortlessly.

“We are preparing to unveil more AI features this year and look forward to their release.”

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