OnePlus and OPPO want to conquer the market together!

Two major smartphone manufacturers based in China OnePlus and OPPOagreed to a new partnership. These two companies have already worked in a common area for many years. But their latest partnership has created a new global unified operating system also led. The operating system in question OnePlusfor users of . OxygenOSThe fast, smooth, clean and lightweight elements of OPPObelonging to ColorOSCombined with the trusted and feature-rich parts of .

Finally, according to new news, the two companies will work together to dominate the smartphone market. Here is the new plan of the two major smartphone manufacturers…

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OnePlus and OPPO form a new partnership

Analyst Mukul Sharma, known for his leaks, made a new claim. In his post on Twitter, Sharma said that the Chinese-based phone maker of the two companies offline (traditional) distributors He said he decided to merge (the distributors). He also stated that the companies will realize this plan in the first quarter of 2022.

OnePlus and OPPOpreviously collaborated. The aim of the two companies with these activities, to the smartphone market trying to dominate. Analysts describe this as a strategic move. 91mobilesWhile such a decision has several pros, the core OnePlus community has delayed this decision.

Both companies BBK Electronics‘s sub-brands. This merger is important as the two companies share their strengths with each other. As we mentioned in the first paragraph of our news, the two companies came together for a common operating system in the past months.

to the offline market in india, Samsung, Xiaomi and in vivo brands such as OnePlus and OPPO also want to dominate the market with the merger of these offline distributors. Meanwhile, it is stated that both brands will make more discounts as a result of the merger.

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