OnePlus 9 and 9 Pro started receiving the new update

OnePlus, which made a launch about 10 months ago, announced its new flagship family. Introduced with high-end hardware, a Hasselblad-signed camera sensor and many more features, the phones were the new trumps of OnePlus, which is extremely ambitious about premium devices. Introducing the 10 Pro model in the past days, the company did not forget last year’s flagships.

Offering the January update to the 9 and 9 Pro models, OnePlus managed to eliminate various problems as well as a few new features. In addition, multiple optimization and up-to-date security patches have been added to the phones. So what are the details of the update released for OnePlus 9 and 9 Pro? Let’s see…

OnePlus 10R technical specifications leaked!

Announcing its name to large masses, OnePlus continues to work on the 10R model. The first information about the smartphone began to come.

OnePlus 9 and 9 Pro receive the January 2022 security patch

Publishing an extensive update log and interfering in many areas, OnePlus is trying to make 9 and 9 Pro more usable. The manufacturer, which made arrangements in many sub-titles such as system, camera, screen, theme and network, also listened to the demands of the users. The released update both brought the phones to the January 2022 security patch and compared it with a newer and smoother interface.

The OxygenOS 12 C.44 update is available for North America, India, and parts of Europe. While Turkey is not among the countries in this section, we expect the same update to be released for users in our country in the coming days. In addition, the changes made to the phones in the package are listed as follows:

  • System
    • Added desktop icons with enhanced textures using a design that combines colors and layers
    • Optimized system power consumption to extend battery life
    • Optimized the smoothness of fingerprint unlock
    • Optimized the charging animation screen
    • Android Security Patch updated to January 2022
    • Fixed scrolling lag issue in Notification Bar
    • Fixed the abnormal display of Notification Bar in some game scenarios
  • Dark Mode
    • Dark mode now has three adjustable levels, providing a more personalized and comfortable user experience
  • shelf
    • Added new additional styling options for cards that make the data content more visual and easier to read
    • Fixed the abnormal display of Notification Bar in some game scenarios
    • Added Headphone Control Board with one-click adjustment with Bluetooth headset
    • Added OnePlus Tracker Card to easily browse health status
  • work life balance
    • Work Life Balance feature is now available to all users and allows you to effortlessly switch between Work and Life mode via quick settings
  • Gallery
    • Gallery now includes features that allow switching between different layouts with a two-finger pinch, intelligently recognize top quality images, and make the gallery layout more pleasing by cropping thumbnail based on content
  • Canvas AOD
    • Various new line and color styles have been added to Canvas AOD for a more personalized lock screen experience with inspiring visuals.
    • Added multiple brushes, effects and color adjustment
    • Software algorithm optimized
    • Improved facial recognition function optimized to better identify features and skin color of different shapes
  • Camera
    • Optimized camera response speed when shooting video
    • Optimized the initial speed of the camera
    • Optimized the image effect of the rear camera
  • Network
    • Fixed 5G network inaccessible bug in some scenarios

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