OnePlus 11R Design Leaked

The images of the OnePlus 11R, which will be the budget-friendly member of the OnePlus 11 family, have been leaked and its design has been revealed.

About a week before the global promotion of OnePlus’ 11 series in India, the budget-friendly model of the series, the 11R, which has not yet been revealed, has been leaked. According to the leaked images, the phone very similar to the main model OnePlus 11.

The two phones will come with different hardware specs, but they seem very similar from an aesthetic point of view, so at least new leaked images shows us this.

The 11R will have almost the same design as the OnePlus 11

Famous for its leaks, Ice Universe shared an image of the OnePlus ACE 2, which we think will be called OnePlus 11R in the global market. We think it will be called that because its successor, the OnePlus ACE, is now available in the global market. As OnePlus 10R was published. As can be seen in the picture, the 11R looks basically the same as the standard OnePlus 11, with a few minor differences.

For example, in the camera Hasselblad It has no branding, and the telephoto camera is also out of the equation. Also, the shimmery texture on the back panel has been replaced with a matte finish. Considering that the OnePlus 11R will be a more affordable model, it is understandable.


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6.7 inches, HD+ resolution and 120Hz refresh rate What do you think of the OnePlus 11R with an AMOLED display? Would you consider buying it if it was on sale in Turkey at a reasonable price?

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