One UI 4 update came to Galaxy S21 with error!

Last week, Samsung OneUI 4 released the update. Having completed several months of beta, this version is the company’s current flagship. Galaxy S21 started working on models. Android 12 Based on this version, it especially offers customization options. In addition, new privacy settings provide users with more confidence.

However, this update soon Galaxy S, Galaxy Note, Galaxy A models and foldable devices and tablets will also come. However, a bug has been discovered in this new version!

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120 Hz error in One UI 4 update!

reddita group in Samsung Galaxy S21 The user has been writing his complaints recently. The reason for this is that some errors occurred on their phones after the aforementioned update. Samsung Galaxy S21, S21+ and S21 Ultra models last week OneUI 4He had the stable version of .

One UI 4 version

OneUI 4 A bug in the version managed to sneak through beta tests and is annoying users. Problem When in 120Hz mode when the user lifts their finger 60 Hz of the screenfalling to. In addition, there is a weakening in performance after the update. However, after intense complaints from users, Samsung started working on the fix.

In fact, this problem actually appeared in beta tests as well. However, the fix in the current version of the software (BUK7) only works on some units. We expect a more complete fix to arrive in the next update. Android 12After ‘s promises of smoother system performance and animation, we see that S21 users experience the opposite in the One UI 4 update.

What is Samsung One UI 4?

However, news sources say that this problem is only US users stated that it affected. However, in other regions Galaxy S21 Owners also complain about the same problem. The reason why this problem is seen mainly in the USA is that their devices Snapdragon to be based. International Exynos Except for a few complaints, there were no errors in the models.

Keep your Galaxy S21 screen locked until Samsung releases an update for this bug. at 60 Hz to work manual You can change to . This should help resolve the stuttering and poor scrolling experience for now. Also, your device OneUI 4 / Android 12If you haven’t updated to , wait a little longer.

Have you noticed any problems with your S21 after the update? We welcome comments…

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