Omix introduced its new products in Turkey!

OmixAt the “Mix Technology” themed launch event, the highly anticipated smartphone models X400, X600 and X700 and Robot vacuum models MixBot Pro, MixBot Plus and other new ecosystem products were showcased. here are the details…

Omix X400 combines smart performance with design power

Making a name for itself with its affordable products, Omix continues to make a difference in the market by offering high-end technology products to consumers at affordable prices. The Singapore-based technology company has recently introduced the latest smartphones X400, X600 and X700 and robot vacuum models MixBot Pro, MixBot Plus and other new ecosystem products to the industry at a launch event it organized.

The Omix X400, the first guest of the stage, stands out with its powerful performance and flawless user experience at the “Mix Technology” themed event of Omix, which set out with the motto of “smart technology brand of smart people”. Omix X400, with 6.53 inches, HD+, 1600×720 pixels screen, is designed to strengthen your smartphone experience with its screen.

With its modern lines, the device draws attention with its stylish and easy-to-use design. Offering a high-end mobile photography experience with its triple artificial intelligence high-resolution camera, X400 comes with a total of 8GB RAM with internal 4GB RAM and virtual Omix 4GB VRAM for better gaming experience and higher performance.

Unboxing of the OMIX X500 wireless headphones out of the box!

Unboxing of the OMIX X500 wireless headphones out of the box!

We have unboxed the new X500 model of OMIX, which promises to offer a different journey of experience in every product.

The 20W PD charger, which supports the fast charging feature of the Omix X400 and is included in the box, adds power to the power of the X400 with its high charging performance in a short time. The Omix UI feature, which has personalized modes for game, child, security and many more, further improves the user experience of the device.

Omix X600 with its advanced artificial intelligence

One of the prominent smartphones of the launch event, the X600 makes a difference with its eye-catching design and endless screen. Standing out with its advanced artificial intelligence and smart performance, the device offers a professional level gaming experience. Omix X600 takes your visual world experience to the next level with its 6.78 inch FHD+ wide screen, 90 Hz refresh rate, 1080×2460 pixel resolution and 20.5:9 screen ratio.

With its quad camera with artificial intelligence, X600 provides high quality shooting with its high resolution 50MP sensor and AI 108MP shooting mode. Powered by Helio G88 2Ghz 8-core CPU and 1Ghz GPU graphics processor, X600 makes it possible to do all your hard work and extensive work at the same time, thanks to HyperEngine Game 2.0 technology. When your charge rate reaches low levels during the day, the Omix X600 switches to the life-saving ultra power saving mode and organizes your remaining charge enough for daily use.

You never run out of energy with Omix X700’s Ultra Power Saving Mode.

Powered by Helio G95 2.05Ghz 8-core CPU and Mali-G76 MC4 GPU graphics processor, X700 was developed for you to do all your hard work and extensive work at the same time, thanks to HyperEngine Game technology. The device, which stands out with its quad camera with artificial intelligence, provides video recording in 4K resolution and high quality shooting with its 64MP sensor, AI 108MP shooting mode.

EIS Electronic image stabilization feature prevents shakes during video shooting and reveals clearer images. Designed with glass material resistant to impact and breakage on its front and back surfaces, the X700 makes the feeling of grip perfect with its special matte texture in graphite and white color options. The Ultra Power Saving mode of the X700, which has DRM L1 certification, which provides the opportunity to watch TV series / movies in 1080p resolution on digital platforms in high quality, organizes your remaining charge enough for daily use.

Two robot vacuums with laser navigation and mop

In addition to the new smartphones at the launch, among the ecosystem products introduced, new robot vacuums with the names MixBot Plus and MixBot Pro came to the fore with their innovative technologies. Thanks to the mopping feature of Omix robot vacuums, which can map quickly and smoothly with laser navigation, detailed cleaning is now possible.

Both devices promise even higher performance thanks to Omix’s MixO platform, which makes the technology much more practical and reduces complexity. Thanks to their high suction capacity and smart features, MixBot Plus and MixBot Pro, which provide a complete cleaning comfort to its users, remove even the most difficult dirt without the need for manpower. In the MixBot Pro model, it is offered as 2,700Pa.

MixO supported AIOT family expands with new products

In addition to the MixO platform and Robot vacuums, where ecosystem products can talk to each other, Omix’s newly introduced multi-functional ambiance lamp MixLight Pro, MixWi-Fi Plus, which draws attention with its wide and powerful coverage area, MixWi-Fi Pro with waterproof feature, MixPlug with voice control, surge protection All of the ecosystem products such as MixSocket Pro with feature, MixCam Baby Pro with room temperature sensor, MixAir Desktop Pro with Hepa+ active carbon filter, all come with MixO application support. In addition to these, Omix also announced its original accessories and MixBuds ANC Pro, MixPods Pro Bluetooth headphones.

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