Old and Popular 70s Songs

Old songs have a special place in all of us. Although time passes, the feelings of the songs do not change. For this reason, we still listen to old songs with pleasure and feel different feelings today. The songs of the 70s are also among the old songs that are listened to a lot today. The voices of our esteemed artists make us feel emotionally even today. Especially after reading this article, you will realize that you know most of the 1970 songs. Sometimes you can find joy, sometimes sadness, every emotion enthusiastically in these songs.

Songs evoke special feelings with their lyrics and notes. When we all listen to a song, we can deduce different meanings from that song with the effect of our experiences. The events that people experience also affect their feelings. That’s why not everyone can get the same meaning or feel the same from a song. Popular songs of the 70sThe special side of ‘s must be that they make us experience these feelings to the fullest. Although many years have passed, the reason why we still listen to it with pleasure today may be the feelings it creates in us or the fact that we find what we want to say or not in these songs.

1970’s songs The joyful ones usually evoke a sweet excitement, while the sad ones cause us to feel an elegant sadness. 70’s songsSince we feel sorrow gracefully, joy with excitement and sometimes with hope, it causes us to listen to them frequently today. on our list Popular in the 1970s Let’s take a look at their songs together, let’s see which ones we continue to listen to the most today. Are you ready for a sweet journey to the 70s with us? Let’s start!

70s songs that we still love to listen to:

  • Look at Lucky – Ajda Pekkan
  • Sev Brother – Senay
  • Smoke in My Head – Guzin and Baha
  • Nevermind Friend – İlhan İrem
  • Oh Where – Füsun Önal
  • To Someone Someone – Nil Burak
  • I Couldn’t Love My Karagözlü – Thanksgiving Moon
  • I Wish I Was So Drunk – Tanju Okan
  • My Heart Burned With Longing – Seha Okuş
  • Unaware of how it went – Emel Sayın
  • What a World Is This My Brother – Yeliz
  • When You’re Gone – White Butterflies
  • Freckled Boom – Tulip Belkis
  • If Life Was a Holiday – Şenay
  • My Friend Donkey – Barış Manço

From the voice of Super Star: Look Talihe – Ajda Pekkan

‘Superstar’ The great artist Ajda Pekkan, known by her nickname, returned to the 70s with the song Baksana Talihe. stamp hits. The lyrics of this song of the artist, who interprets love with its own uniqueness, are written by Fikret Şeneş. The composition of the song, released in 1977, belongs to John O’Brien-Docker, Kai Warner and Turaç Şabanhani. Ajda Pekkan beauty and with his impressive voice He continues to present his songs to us today.

Leave all negative feelings aside: Sev Brother- Şenay

One of the most popular nostalgic songs, the song that warms our hearts is “Sev Kardeşim”. Şenay’s song “Sev Kardeşim” evokes peace, happiness, love and unity. as you listen negative emotions It makes us put aside and feel the positives. It is one of the special songs that has not been forgotten since its release.

The firefly running away after chasing: Youth, Smoke in My Head – Güzin and Baha

You may also remember the song “My Firefly” as the “Duman” song. The song “Are you the firefly that runs away as I chase?” is one of the most well-known phrases. One of the most popular nostalgic songs, “Youth in My Head Smoke” has been produced many times since its release. in a TV show or movie has also been used.

Let happiness be with us: Never mind, Friend – İlhan İrem

Ilhan İrem is one of the old songs that we know by heart and that makes us feel good. The song is also known as “Let’s Wipe Your Eyes”. your youth The song that says it will never come again and everyone is chasing happiness cry for love He talks about the need to quit and be happy.

The famous song of love movies: Ah Where – Füsun Önal

One of Füsun Önal’s famous songs, “Ah Where”, which has been in our language for years, does not take us back to the past? Turkish romantic comedy film the leading roles Tarik Akan and Gulsen BubikogluPosted by “Oh Where” film It was named after Füsun Önal’s song.

A little youth, a little love-smelling nostalgia: To Someone Someone – Nil Burak

Nil Burak’s Real name Pink Nihal is known as Munsif. A famous place in Istanbul at that time. in the nightclub not breaking the invitation take the stage and sings. On top of that, she manages to attract attention with her voice. name if that night by Zeki Muren as Nil Burak replaced. Nil Burak’s song “Someone Someone” is the kind that will encourage you to fall in love. The song, released in 1977, has been engraved in our memories with Nil Burak’s polite singing. It is one of the famous songs of the 70s that we sing along with joy when we hear it.

A special piece of Turkish classical music: I could not love Karagözlüm – Şükran Ay

Şükran Ay, one of the powerful voices of Turkish classical music, is the song “I Loved Karagözlüm”. defying the years It’s another old song. Lyrics and music To Orhan Gencebay belongs. The famous song of the 70s, “Sevedim Karagözlüm”, is included in Şükran Ay’s album “Classics”.

Indispensable for high school years: I Wish I Was So Drunk – Tanju Okan

One of the songs of the 70s is Tanju Okan’s If I Was So Drunk. It is included in the album “All My Songs” released in 1975. Today, it is among the old songs that most of us know by heart. Especially in high school It is one of the pieces that we all accompany with pleasant feelings.

Pain and longing together: My Heart Burned With Longing – Seha Okuş

While listening to the song “Longingly Burned My Heart”, which is the song we all have heard at least once, by penetrating our depths it makes us ache. Everyone gets a lot of longing and painful feelings thanks to the song. It is one of the songs that we continue to listen to since the 1970s. Moreover Turkan Soray, Kadir Inanir and Bilal PearlThe famous “70s” starring“Return” movie is also music.

The song that defies the years: I don’t know how it passed – Emel Sayın

One of the unique voices of Turkish classical music, Emel Sayın’s song “How It Happened Without You Knowing” is one of the songs that we all know for sure and that we often hear today. Song in old Turkish movies It is also quite natural that we remember old Turkish movies when we hear the song.

Love, because it is easiest to love: What a World My Brother – Yeliz

Old songs have a different feeling that we all leave. Yeliz’s song “What a World Brother” of our youth remains in our memories. The famous song, which is still in our language even after years, is a very popular song at that time. His words to Oktay Yurdatapan; music by Enrico Macias-Jacques Demarny.

Legendary band of the 70s: When You Go – White Butterflies

The members of the White Butterflies consist of Rıfat Eke, Altan Eke, Ender Akçan, Behzat Kutlubağ and Bülent Ortaç. of the 70’s of famous bands White Butterflies With the songs “Look What Happened When You’re Gone, What’s Happening in Life, All Love Starts Sweet, Firefly” gains its reputation. Today, we still enjoy listening to and know most of the songs we have mentioned. “Look what happened when you left, the end of my heart burned” are the most familiar parts of the song.


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One of the funniest of old times: Çilli Bom – Lale Belkis

out of voice The song “Cilli Bom” by Lale Belkıs, who is also known for her modeling, acting and songwriting, is one of the songs that we all enjoy and have fun singing. Although it is one of the old songs, it is one of the famous songs that has become a rosewood in our language.

That person in this world: If Life Was Bayram – Şenay

Holidays have a warm side that makes them happy and reconciles the offended. In Şenay’s song “Hayat Bayram Olsa”, it is stated that people who know how to love, give happiness, overcome difficulties and know themselves are happy, loved, strong and knowledgeable people. People who believe and practice this say that life would be a feast even if they were in the majority and united. as it is with us promising We feel good saying these thoughts. Maybe this is the reason why we have been listening and singing it for years and it has not lost its popularity today.

Indispensable of childhood years: My Friend Donkey – Barış Manço

of the 70’s most loved The songs of Barış Manço, one of the great artists, are loved and listened to today. Not only “My Friend Eşşek”, but also many of his songs are known by most people, regardless of whether they are big or small. The song “My Friend Eşşek” is especially kids love is a song.


Did you know that the song prepared by Barış Manço for Eurovision was not liked and rejected by TRT?

The most loved one of the 70s, which continues to be heard and said today. some of his famous songs we have compiled for you. Your favorites from what is in this content or not old songs which ones? When you say, “These should definitely be on the list” 70’s songs You can also specify in the comments.

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