“Offline Mix” Feature Coming to Spotify

Spotify CEO Daniel Ek announced that a new feature will come to the platform that will delight users. The feature called Offline Mix will collect the songs you have listened to recently in one place, download them and allow you to listen offline.

Spotify, one of the most popular music platforms in the world with millions of users, continues to bring features to improve the user experience. The company announced today that it is testing an innovation that will delight many of us.

The new feature “Offline Mixis called ”. The feature, which we can translate into Turkish as “Offline Mix”, aims to make it easier for users to listen to music when there is no internet connection.

Offline Mix will collect all the songs you’ve listened to recently into one playlist that you can listen to offline

Listening to offline music is an important part of platforms like Spotify. Downloading music is very useful when we cannot access the internet, such as when we are on a plane. We have the possibility to download playlists or albums on Spotify. However, if you are someone who likes to listen to music by constantly changing genres or cannot choose songs to download, this process can be a bit of a challenge. Here, Spotify wants to make your job easier with its new feature.

A playlist called Offline Mix, Gather together in one place by downloading your recently played songs brings and listen when there is no internet connection provides. By company CEO Daniel Ek shared From the screenshot we can see how the list might look. In the image shared by Ek, there is a long list of recently played songs of 3 hours and 31 minutes.

This feature will save you the hassle of manually selecting and downloading songs and will provide an easier offline listening experience. It can also be very useful when you forget to download songs. Let’s add that YouTube Music already has a similar feature called “Offline Mixtape”.


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Spotify’s new feature It is not yet known when it will come.. However, the announcement of the Ek to everyone indicates that it may come soon.

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