Official Gazette Crashed: Unable to Access the Site (Update)

The website of the Official Gazette of the Republic of Turkey has collapsed as of now. The site cannot be accessed.

Today, during the daytime, the sharing of Deputy Ömer Faruk Gergerlioğlu on his twitter account Turkey was on the agenda. Gergerlioğlu shared the statement made by Durmuş Yılmaz, the former chairman of the Central Bank, at the budget commission of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey.

Durmuş Yılmaz is responsible for following the Official Gazette after 12:00 at night. that it is important stating, “You will see what kind of trouble will come on the Turkish lira.” he said and attracted attention. Thereupon, many people read the Official Gazette dated 20 November. put on hold.

The site cannot be accessed

The site, which was taken into maintenance at 11:59, not opened again. Users who encounter a warning that the site is not open at all and sometimes that the site is under maintenance still do not want the Official Gazette to be published. waiting.

Many users on Twitter said that Finance Minister Lütfü Elvan was dismissed. claims. However, as the Official Gazette is currently inaccessible, whether this information is correct or not. currently unknown.


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Any explanation about the source of the problem on the Official Gazette website or when it will be fixed. not done.


Website of the Official Gazette as of now made available. As alleged, any decision regarding Lütfü Elvan or other ministers does not exist.

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