Objects That Once Made a Status Difference in High School

These objects, which everyone who went to high school in the 2000s will remember, created a status difference among students at that time. Generation Z is not very familiar with these objects.

It was used by a golden generation, some of whom were over 30, in their early youth. phones, shoes, music players The place was different. Some disappeared completely, some took on a completely different state, and some remained completely the same.

Each of these objects, most of which you probably used at that time, has dozens of memories. to the past, to school years Let’s go and refresh our memories.

Walkman – We spent our lives with leeches sticking to share a single earphone.

Discman – Class, when you took it out on the bus, people would look at it like “wow, look at the tool”, but it went out like a straw flame at that time.


If you have a Rotring pen – Tombow tip, you would be stunned. They even had imitations.


Digital camera – The first ones that came out were revolutionary, but we always came out with red eyes in our photos from this period.

digital camera

iPod – Everyone had an MP3-MP4 player, but not everyone had an iPod.


PSP – He was our friend at school, on the road, in bed. It was like the evolution of the Gameboy.


Nike Total 90 – The legendary shoe of the time. It was loved enough to be worn under even daily clothes.

nike total 90

Casio calculator watch – We used to do calculations in the exam, we even used it as a TV remote at home, surprising our father.


Princo DVD movies, music – Once upon a time pirated movies, music, games, etc. It was the ultimate method of storing things. If a USB stick had been put on the market, it would have broken the sales record in Turkey.


Need for Speed ​​Underground CD – Undeniably legendary. We could not drive with such beautiful music again.

need for speed

Phones with VGA, 1.3 MP, 2MP cameras – Especially when we saw someone with a Nokia 6600 and N Series, we’d be right there. These were the phones on which we watched the “Girl ripping the Qur’an video” and listened to “Irem – My Ghost Lover”.

nokia 6600

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